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BELZ - Graphite

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What you get: 
  • 1 BELZ HAMMOCK - Graphite
  • 2 Hooks
  • 2 Dowels
  • 1 Rope
  • 1 BELZ bag
  • Product characteristics:
    • Width: 160cm
    • Total Length: 365cm
    • Length of lying surface: 220cm
    • Distance between hooks: 3 - 4.5m
    • Load capacity : 180kg
    • Designed in Italy, produced in Brazil
    • Material: 100% cotton

      No single grey thread is woven into this great piece of furniture. We combined white and black cotton threads to create a complete new color that is best described by Graphite. The same white thread is used to knit the BELZ stripes into both ends of the lying surface. Although we use the same thread a clear differentiation between the parts evolves. Graphite is probably the most elegant BELZ - obviously with the same level of comfort.

      We deliver a plug&play product. That’s why we supply you with all the needed accessories to get your hammock up and running. The BELZ hooks make sure that you hammock is well secured and won’t catch any attention with their sleek design. Use the dowels if you hang your hammock between brick or concrete walls. The BELZ rope extends your hammock if you need to cover a longer distance.

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