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Our Story


At Belz Hammocks we strive for harmony under your own roof. Our hammocks are designed with timeless minimalism to fully blend into a modern living ambience.

We designed a hammock that redefines what it means to be a great hammock. Organic cotton threads give our hammocks the right touch and comfort. The Belz Hammock is a modern piece of furniture with style and quality as its main purpose.

Our hammocks' origin rests in the rough and arid plains of Brazil’s northeast. Craft skills passed down over generations still prevail over industrial production and form single threads into comfortable hammocks. We combined our weavers' art with a product design that meets premium expectations.

Belz Hammocks stands for harmony in the design of our products, harmony in the local communities of production with fair compensation for our highly skilled weavers, and harmony in your home. 


We are Matthias and Max, two good friends with similar passions and complementary skill sets. We started Belz Hammocks with one simple goal - turn a hammock into a piece of furniture for modern homes that conveys design, elegance and style.

Two passions - one goal
Design and especially interior design is one of our shared passions. Matthias is a professional designer working with web and product design. He has done some top-notch design work for renowned agencies in Germany and Italy. When designing Belz Hammocks we tried to bring all of his skills and love for design into a hammock that would satisfy our own expectations and those of our customers as well. After multiple rounds of prototyping, we created the Belz Hammocks Design that expresses minimalism and discretion. It features five stripes on each end, symbolizing the two hands weaving the single threads into our finished products.

There’s another passion that was just as important in the creation of Belz Hammocks - the love for a continent that is so often undervalued due to misinformation and bad press. No other continent has welcomed us with such open arms, happiness, hospitality, genuine friendships, love for life, boundless optimism, and last but not least mind-blowing landscapes. Max’ second home is and always will be South America. He lived in Brazil, Chile, and Ecuador travelled through tropical forests and mountain ranges from the Caribbean coast in Colombia to the southern tip of Patagonia, and has America do Sul deep in his heart.

The origins
This love for South America took us to the origins of an art that is passed on from generation to generation. Getting to know how a hammock is produced, how many different hands and feet it takes to complete one single hammock, how a whole community works together to continue with a tradition that survived centuries – all of this was an incredible adventure and confirmed us in our plans to bring this great product to the world.

Only there we were able to find artisans skilled enough to turn our designs into a physical product. Our hammocks are far from industrial production. The center piece of the Belz Hammock, the lying surface (“pano” in Portuguese) is produced in the backyard of a single-story house with one small loom in Brazil’s northeast. From there the cloth (“tecido”) gets passed on from household to household where women complete the single parts of the final product, sitting in the shade in front of their houses, protected from the scorching heat. With all the different stages of production, involving so many different artisans, it can take up to two weeks to complete just one of our hammocks.

Our values
It’s a great feeling to see how many families benefit from the production of our hammocks. We hope that the joy in their eyes also reaches our customers. At Belz Hammocks we stand for fair prices for our weavers and a positive impact on the whole local community.

Um forte abraço,

Matthias and Max

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