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The Belz Hammock is a plug&play product. That’s why we supply you with all the needed accessories to get your hammock up and running. 

Where can I hang my hammock?
The Belz Hammock is for indoor & outdoor. This means it could be in your living room, your bedroom, in the hallway or in your garden, your balcony or your terrace. 
The corner of two walls works just as fine as between two parallel walls or two poles (trees, roof beams, etc.)

Do I have enough space for my Belz?
Yes! You do have enough space for a hammock. No matter if you live in a huge mansion or a small city flat. There’s a general misconception that a hammock takes up too much space. Your Belz is just like a sofa with the big advantage that you only use up space when you’re in your hammock. When you don’t use it, hang one loop onto the other hook and your Belz just disappeared. 

How do I mount my hammock? 
When you get your Belz Hammock you’ll find all the accessories you need.
1) Find the right spot
2) Drill a hole. The hole’s diameter needs to have 12mm. You don’t need a hole if you wrap the hammock around a pole
3) Fill the hole up with the dowel in our package. You don’t need a dowel if you are working with wood
4) Screw the hooks into the hole. Use a lever, e.g. a screwdriver
5) Hang the loops into the hooks
6) Relax, enjoy, swing happy.

What is the right distance between the two hooks?
Your Belz Hammock can span a distance of 3 to 4.5 meters. Your Belz comes with an organic burlap rope that enables you to extend the hammock's range.

How to use the rope that comes with my Belz?
One knot around the hook, the other one around the loop. The knot that works best for your Belz is the following:

Can I wash my hammock?
Yes, you can. Please don’t do it every day and keep the temperature low. Handmade products need to be treated with care. Let your Belz dry in the air without using a dryer.

What happens if it rains?
Rain doesn’t hurt your Belz. But just as you don’t leave your sofa out there in the rain, we suggest you not to do it that often.

How many people does the hammock fit and bear?
The hammock is for 1 or 2 people. Its maximum load capacity is 180 kilograms (400 pounds).

Who produces my hammock?
The Belz Hammock is designed in Italy and handmade in Brazil. Our weavers produce the Belz Hammock in Brazil’s northeast, one of the poorest areas of the country. Multiple local families are involved in the production of your hammock. At Belz Hammocks we stand for fair prices for our weavers and a positive impact on the whole local community.

What is the return policy?
You’re not satisfied with our product? Send it back to us (within 60 days of your purchase) and we'll refund you 100% of the purchase price.

How long does it take for my Belz to arrive?
This depends on your location, but we’ll do our best to ship it as fast as possible. The delivery time ranges from 1-10 days.

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